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FastLane on Polygon is an easy to integrate protocol that rewards participating validators for protecting the health of the Polygon blockchain.

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FastLane Connected Validator Assets
Integrate the FastLane


Earn revenue from arbitrageurs, liquidators, NFT traders, and more

Algorithmic traders (searchers) will bid in an auction for FastLane access during your sprints; the winning searchers will enjoy greater likelihood of successful trades without ever having a direct connection to your validator node

  • On validator nodes, keep running the official BOR repo. No patch required - just add one of the PFL sentries as a static peer. That's it!
  • On sentry nodes, keep running the official BOR repo - just apply a simple "PFL" patch after each official update
  • No transaction will ever be delayed beyond the current, default setting
  • Searchers won't know your peer ID, enode address, or IP address
  • Enjoy healthier nodes due to the reduction in bots' economic incentive to overwhelm your node with redundant transactions
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Earn From Your Sprints

The winner of arbitrage opportunities during your sprints is currently decided by randomness. Our easy-to-implement protocol allows you to replace this randomness with monetization.

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Frontrunning transactions and "sandwich" attacks are not faciliated by the Fast Lane system.

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Incredibly Simple Integration

One of the easiest integration processes on the market.

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Standardizes transaction propagation

The removal of randomness from the tx propagation dynamic can potentially lead to lower data costs for your own sentry nodes

Learn how the FastLane works

After downloading our patch

Integrate your sentry nodes with one command line

No heavy software required.

Simply implement the provided FastLane patch with one additional command line during a BOR update.

(Note: patch is for Sentry nodes only. Validator nodes should use the official BOR repo without modifications)

Onboarding Process:

Join our list of approved validators

Participating validators will need to reach out to the FastLane team and be approved for participation.

Integrate FastLane with our sentry patch

The provided patch can be ran after updating to the most recent BOR version. Integration would require only one additional command line before building.

Begin earning revenue

Participants will begin to receive proceeds from the FastLane auctions at the end of the first full auction period after onboarding.

Getting started Guides

Learn how to begin onboarding as a searcher or validator with our step-by-step guides.